The Marblehead Aloha Education Foundation was established in 2010 by parents of students of Marblehead Elementary school. It is a volunteer-led, non-profit organization which is dedicated to providing financial support for the educational excellence and enrichment programs of students at Marblehead Elementary School.
The Aloha Foundation Mission Statement 
Mission: To ensure the highest level of education and citizenship for the students at Marblehead Elementary School.
The Aloha Foundation Vision
Vision: Well educated and respected citizens enchriched through academic experiences and character development.
Why is it important to have a Foundation?
A Foundation is an organization established to raise additional funds to enhance and expand the quality of education. Funds raised can be used with more flexibility for the current and specific needs of our school.During this time of budget cuts, establishing a Foundation will help our school community maintain and create quality programs and tools for the students at Marblehead Elementary School.

What is the difference between our PTA and the Foundation?

Many parents seek clarity as to the difference between the PTA and Foundation and why two separate organizations are needed to perform a similar job. Both organizations work together throughout the year toward that end, but we each have a separate focus and are governed differently. PTA is a national organization whose mission involves empowering families and communities to advocate for all children as well as inviting parents to become more involved in the education process.

Our Foundation’s goal is to raise the money necessary to provide our children with the most competitive education possible. The Foundation can directly fund specific areas of need for our school. We are a 501(c) (3) nonprofit corporation that reports directly to the IRS.

Both organizations need your support and would benefit from your input.

Will the money raised by Foundation be used for or shared across the district?

All monies raised by the Foundation will be used exclusively for Marblehead Elementary School. The Board of Directors and Officers are all volunteer positions.

How are Foundation Goals determined?

The Foundation Board, the volunteer parents of students at Marblehead Elementary School, guides funding decisions together with teacher and administrative input.

Q and A
What has the Aloha Foundation accomplished?

In the last 3 years we have funded the following goals:
  • Swings for the playground
  • K-3 Music
  • Assemblies
  • PAL teacher stipends
  • 20 Dell computers to supplement the 4th and 5th grade Learning with Laptops program
  • Wireless Access Points throughout the Marblehead campus
  • Kakua Garden/Environmental Science 
  • ​5th grade science camp
  • Classroom grants
  • 5 iPads
  • 2 stereo microscopes​
  • ​1 keyboard
  • 4 tricycles
  • 10 saftey cones
  • 6 electric pencil sharpeners
  • Books​
  • Art supplies
  • Music recorders